Animal Recognize in an Image

A Highly Accurate model to recognize Animals in an Image


Image recognition is a vital component in robotics such as driverless vehicles or domestic robots. Image recognition is also important in image search engines such as Google or Bing image search whereby you use rich image content to query for similar stuff. Like in Google photos where the system uses image recognition to categorize your images into things like cats, dogs, people, and so on so that you can quickly search your albums for things like, “give me photos of my cat”, that's awesome.

Ever noticed how Facebook instantly recognizes your friend’s face and asks you if you want to tag him in that photo? That’s image recognition. That’s just a basic example.




You are working on a robotics project where you are required to train your robot so that it can differentiate between two animals. Your task here is to build a deep learning model that helps you recognize the animal in images ( 5 classes)

Evaluation Criteria

Accuracy in which I got: 96.373626.