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About Me

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Hey! I'm Ayoub! 👋🏻 I'm an innovative data scientist dedicated to finding insights in data as well as researching in the field of recommendation systems! Let's connect!

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⛽ Currently doing my Ph.D. researching in the field of recommendation systems, taking BootCamps, and MOOCs and solving ML/DL/RS complex problems, making beautiful data visuals, and democratizing data to all!

👨‍💻 I freelance as a data scientist on the side helping businesses bring machine learning to their field. I make custom visuals, predicting models, recommendation systems, intelligent systems, interactive dashboards, etc. Have a project in mind? Let's chat.

🔬 I fell in love with data at University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah. Through my Master's degree, I was hooked on finding meaning and insight from given data and project on real world cases. The feeling was addicting. I felt like an Avenger or Superhero.

📊 I am obsessed with data. Don't believe me? 📈 My Loan Approval app is deployed on Heroku using Flask, 🧿my Facial Expression Recognition is on Github, 🧰My Back to School Campaign Recommendation System still to be deployed, I work as a 🧪data scientist and Ph.D. Candidate at University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA) as well as joint thesis supervision by The University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, formerly the Second University of Naples, What more proof can I give? 🤪

💬 Message me to talk about: potential projects and collaborations, how to get started in data science, what's it like working on Recommendation systems, how is the master's in Web Intelligence & Data Science at USMBA, and master's 2. Exploration Informatique des Données & Décisionnel at University Sorbonne Paris Nord, and how to transition into the data science space.

Tools Expertness

Artificial Intelligence 85%

Machine Learning 90%

Deep Learning 85%

Recommendation Systems 85%

Python 95%

Sublime 85%

Jupyter 90%

Ayoub is a very good person and expert in data science, machine learning and python programming . I worked with him in omdena morocco chapter project about ECG interpretation using computer vision to help reduce heart attacks deaths for 01 month , I found him smart and brilliant and very collaborative. I enjoyed working with him.

Messaoud Makhlouf

Univesity Lecturer @NPSC

Ayoub BERDEDDOUCH is an expert in machine learning and python programming. I have had an enjoyable experience with him for one month during the Omdena morocco chapter project entitled ECG interpretation using computer vision. He shows a lot of competencies in AI and Computer sciences fields. I can say that he is very collaborative and generous. I enjoyed working with him.

Skander Bensegueni

University Lecturer @NPSC

Mr. Ayoub demonstrates professional dedication and the most remarkable intellectual commitment, and demonstrated a real capacity to work in a dynamic and constructive way within an R&D project, in the field of Data Science.

Jamal Benhamou

Manager SoftCentre

Ayoub's interpersonal skills as well as his ability to interact within a research team make him an ideal collaborator.

Karim Amor

CEO Jet Group

Ayoub demonstrates real pragmatism both in terms of the detail of the analysis and that of the relative to the precision of the IT work carried out. And this, with a mindset resolutely oriented towards the result and based on the concern for the quality of the service delivered to the customer

Imane Bella

Junior R&D Project Manager SoftCentre

He is a great data scientist, with a huge storage of knowledge in mathematics and computer programming, always curious about knowing new machine learning technology and research.

Walid Bousseta

Data Scientist at Silicone Signal Technology & Researcher Ph.D Student at ESTM.